Six must-have apps for your smartphone videos

Six must-have apps for your smartphone videos

The smartphone revolution hasn’t just put a video camera in your pocket. It’s given you a whole movie-making studio in one compact package.

With the right apps, you can add special effects and filters that the Hollywood experts would be proud of—and you don’t even have to transfer your footage to a computer first.

In this guide, we’ll take you through six must-have apps you can use for the job.

1) Action Movie FX: The clue’s in this app’s name: Action Movie FX can overlay explosions and monsters with such aplomb that it’s previously earned an Apple award.. From natural disasters to wandering spaceships, it offers a ton of high-quality visuals to explore, though most of these effect packages require an in-app payment.

2) FX Guru: Fiery explosions, falling satellites, even invading alien armies—if there’s a stock video special effect you want to import, chances are FX Guru has something that fits the bill.

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3) Videorama: Video editing app Videorama does more than help you cut your footage: Special effects are a big part of its large repertoire of tricks. You can drop in everything from tornadoes to blood splatter to grenade bangs, and it gives you quite a few free effects to play around with before you have to pay for any additional visuals.

4) VideoFX Live: The previous apps focus on dropping in dramatic explosions and CGI characters on top of your footage, but VideoFX Live is more about overlaying colorful filters on top of live footage before you share it.

5) VideoShow: Like Videorama, VideoShow provides a complete video editing package, with effects as an added bonus. This app does more than slap overlays on your footage, so you should check it out if you’re looking for something to take your smartphone clips to the next level.

6) LumaFX: Finally, our roundup ends with LumaFX. This app doesn’t drop car crashes or dinosaurs on top of your footage, but it does give you access to color and distortion effects that look like they were applied in a professional editing suite rather than on a mobile phone.


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