Shocker! Banker’s Wife Gets Impregnated By Their Houseboy, Kills Lover-boy To Cover Up » Naijaloaded

Shocker! Banker's Wife Gets Impregnated By Their Houseboy, Kills Lover-boy To Cover Up » Naijaloaded

It was a marriage doomed from the beginning, and after 13 years, it culminated in a tragedy. Presently, the couple, who live in Lafia, capital of Nasarawa State, are gradually coming to terms with the fact that they have opened a Pandoras box.

It started with the husbands deceithiding his impotency from the woman he intended to marry; it got messier with the womans effort to break her 12-year barrenness by sleeping with the houseboyand she committed worse sin by murdering the 21-year-old househelp in order to keep her secret. Then a final twist: it turned out the houseboy was actually her husbands son, born out of wedlock while he was a randy youth. This family calamity with the accompanying incest and murderwas spawned by too many secrets between husband and wife.

Strange and improbable it may sound, this is actually a true-life story, a revelation that came straight from the horses mouthfrom the main protagonist herselfthe nine-month pregnant wife, Rebecca Bako, who prodded by guilty conscience on her own volition knocked on the door of a minister on May 20, 2019, to narrate the travails of her matrimony.

Rebecca Bako, arriving at the ministers house by 8 am at first sat quietly on the bench outside. Few minutes later, she was sharing her story with the pastor in the presence of Saturday Sun correspondent.

It was a bizarre, complex, mind-numbing story of 12 years of fruitless marriage, with what would have been the climaxthe birth of the nine-month pregnancybecoming an anticlimax.

What was Rebeccas purpose for involving the pastor? To make a confession, seek Gods forgiveness and plead with the pastor to talk to her husband to forgive her, she clarified.

In an emotion-laden voice, the beleaguered housewife recounted how a perfect marriage gradually turned sour due to barrenness. Her narrative highlighted the aggravating factors, such as a toxic mother-in-law who harangued her endlessly, her husbands lackadaisical attitude to their childlessness, her own fear of impending menopause and the bad advice of Rose, her childhood friend.

A marriage doomed by childlessness

Before she began her story proper, Rebecca Bako spent two minutes wiping her tears.

She started with a recollection of the sunny days. He was my best friend before we got married. We had a beautiful wedding. Our honeymoon was fun. We were ready to have children as quickly as possible so we could move on.

As with most marriage, barrenness begets misery.

After 12 years, I didnt conceive, I became apprehensive because I was not young any longer and I was nearing menopause. My mother-in-law was even more desperate. She pressured her son to take another wife. I understood her position. My childhood friend, Rose, who is married in Makurdi, advised us to adopt a child, but my husband wouldnt buy the idea.

My mother-in-law later came to live with us in the house and she became my nightmare. She made life a living hell for me, to the extent that I contemplated suicide countless times because she insulted me and claimed that I charmed her son who is the only son in the family.

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