R Kelly’s Former Lawyer Says Singer Is “Guilty As Hell” For 2008 Child Pornography Case


In 2008 when R&B singer R Kelly was acquitted of child pornography, his lawyer was Ed Genson. Eleven years later, the 77-year-old attorney is throwing his embattled former client under the bus, calling him “guilty as hell” in a recent interview.

With only 90 days to live as a result of pancreatic cancer, Genson is getting a lot off his chest and R Kelly is one that he’s speaking about. To him, R Kelly was guilty of the case he defended him in. Back then, Kelly was accusedof having sex with a 14-year-old girl and filming it. His defence back them it wasn’t him in the videotape and a jury acquitted him when the subject in the tape did not testify.

Now, Genson is saying that Kelly was, in fact, guilty of the charge. “Hewasguilty as hell! he said, adding also that he had to take anti-libido to curb his sexual appetite. “I dont think hes done anything inappropriate for years. Ill tell you a secret: I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. Thats why he didnt get arrested for anything else.

Last month, 52-year old R Kelly was arrested on a ten count charge of aggravated sexual abuse, including three women that were minors at the time of the alleged crime. He was bailed on a $100,000 bond and is awaiting trial. Earlier this week, an interview of him with Gayle King was aired where he cried his innocence of all of the allegations.

His former lawyer says he doesn’t regret working to free him in 2008but gave some insight into the man R Kelly, who he describes as “not bright”.

“What he doesnt understand is this: If you win a case with somebody, they think theyre bulletproof… He thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. He has done everything he can to hurt himself.


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Author: Prince Etim

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