Pope Francis Melts Hearts After This Happened Between Him And A Little Girl With Down Syndrome (Photo)

Pope Francis held the girl’s hand during the papal audience


Pope Francis has endeared himself to many people all over the world following a dramatic encounter that happened between him and a little girl with down syndrome.


In the story shared by a Catholic online publication, the beautiful little girl with Down syndrome, got up from her seat during a papal audience and went towards Pope Francis during ministration.


The security guards quickly moved in to take her back to her mother.



The Pope stopped everyone and said to the girl, “come sit next to me.” The girl then sat down near him and the Holy Father continued to preach while holding hands with the little girl.


@TradCatFem tweeted: “A girl with Down syndrome, got up during a regular papal service & went toward @Pontifex.


Security men quickly moved in 2 take her back to her mom. The Pope stopped them & said to her “come sit next to me.” She then sat down near him and he continued his homily, holding her hands.”


Source: https://www.tori.ng/news/88335/pope-francis-melts-hearts-after-this-happened-betw.html

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