Over Population In Nigeria: Should The Government Enforce A 2 Children Policy?

Over Population In Nigeria: Should The Government Enforce A 2 Children Policy?

Well, we all know the state of things in Nigeria over Population is and has been our problem for as along as we can imagine.

Looking at the Nation’s recent poverty ranking you would weep for the Nigerian people.

Many people have been born into this country that never truly enjoyed their life because it was always one difficultly to the other due to the economy status, when you say ‘happiness‘ in Nigeria these people don’t people don’t even understand that word, born into poverty and die prematurely into poverty due to the status of things in the country, we all have knowledge of the hardship every Nigerian face daily even sometimes the rich are not spared.

If you look at it deeply you would notice all these can be attributed to the population, over 11 million people have lost their jobs within the last 2 years not to mention tens of millions currently don’t have any good job.

One of sad thing is the very ones who are in poverty are the ones giving birth to more children and the circle continues.

Getting admission into colleges in Nigeria is quite hard right now, even after the admission the over Population in these schools won’t let the average student truly learn what they should learn in schools.

For a country with a very poor economy and poor standard of living why shouldn’t we take a page from China’s book?

China was once like Nigeria, a very corrupt country and poor economy coupled with over Population, until they turned everything around for themselves, but do you know how they started?

By controlling their population with a one child policy.

Do you know there are monogamous families with over 10 children in this country? And more..

What is the point of being born if all you would go through in life are hunger, suffering, unhappiness?

This is a ticking time bomb, now or later we will have to control our birth Rate.

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