Now Donald Trump wants to wait for the ‘Red Wave’ midterms to do immigration

Elsa Pataky presents the Gioseppo collection

Maybe I’m completely wrong about this, but I don’t really believe that Melania Trump’s awful jacket was some kind of next-level media game to distract from “the real story.” This is ALL the real story: the Trumps are heartless psychopaths and everyone who has a role in this administration belongs in jail for child abuse, human rights violations and treason. That being said, I am aware that every moment we spend talking about Melania’s psycho wardrobe choices is a moment we aren’t asking where the federal government has put the migrant girls they stole.

Throughout this awful week, no one in the White House has been on the same message. The right hand doesn’t know what the fascist hand is doing, and considering they can’t even get their LIES straight, why does anyone think that there’s some Nazi at the top, pulling all the strings? Anyway, here are some stories I just wanted to put in front of everyone’s eyes. First off, Trump thinks a “Red Wave” is coming in the mid-terms:

There is no cohesive plan for reunification – no one knows if the parents and children already separated will ever be reunited.

Meanwhile, there is still a sizeable segment of the population who really and truly believe that the media hired “crisis actors” and that what is happening with the caged children is not some kind of rise of a fascist regime which puts children in cages. Those people get their news from Sinclair Broadcasting and Fox News. Sinclair made their local news affiliates run pieces about how the caged-children story was totally overblown:

And finally, Stephen Miller – the dead-eyed Nazi who formed the caged-children policy – also enjoys eating Mexican food. He got heckled too. Now THIS is a stunt.

Elsa Pataky presents the Gioseppo collection

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