Mogazi drops message for lovers and haters

Mogazi drops message for lovers and haters

Musician AK Mogazi has sent a message via social media to his lovers and haters who pretend to be his friends.

AK Mogazi also called out DJ’s who stopped playing his songs and other artistes whom he featured in the past for not helping to promote the songs he collaborated with them.

Am going for a brake and am not so sure when I will be back again, Mogazi wrote.

But I think I need to leave a word for my lovers and the haters. If you are among the lovers of my music and you have been trying all your effort to support my music well I have a good news for you! And if you are the type that go about asking all the djs to stop using my job and you are a Dj and you have my Jobs but you are not playing it because you dont want a positive result for me, well I have a news for you too.

“For the lovers of good music and those that are supporting my brand without seeing me for once of knowing me, the good news is that heaven will open widely for your sake, somebody will show you Favor massively without knowing you, God in his infinite mercy will remember you and good things shall locate you IJN Amen!

“And for those that have my music and have been selfish despite the fact that all I give you back to back is good music but if you are not the supporter of good things, Let me bust your brain, good thing will never take place in your home or around you, you will only hear people doing good things and it will never happen to you, if you are a Dj and you have my music but you are not using it for selfish reason, your career will remain in one position forever, others will celebrate good things but you will remain in one spot for the rest of your career.

“And if you are a trending artist and I paid you to collaborate but you did not support the promotion of the music for selfish Interest, Your musical career will go down automatically and you will be forgotten very soon .This seems to be a Joke but in the neatest future you will know a prophet has just spoken.

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