Michael Shannon: Trump is not ‘capable of deep reflection… f–k that guy’

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Michael Shannon has become one of my favorite people in the world. In the wake of 11/9/16, other famous people – like Leo DiCaprio, #NeverForget – were meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. They were validating him and making him feel special even though most of us already knew that this was going to be a total sh-tshow. Michael Shannon knew it was going to be awful. He didn’t sugarcoat it at all. At the same time Leo D was being drooled on by Ivanka, Michael Shannon was giving interviews about how Trump voters are “ignorant jackasses” who are “ready for the urn” and how Trump is a “black hole, a soulless, evil piece of sh-t.” As it turns out, Michael Shannon was the voice of the Resistance this whole time.

Well, anyway, Shannon is the latest Playboy Interview. It hasn’t come online yet, but there’s a screencap that has gone viral because of just how deliciously profane he is about Trump. Playboy asks him if there’s any way he would portray a “villain” like Trump. Shannon goes off:

Actor Michael Shannon frequently plays a villain on the big screen, but there’s one role the two-time Oscar nominee won’t take. Shannon told Playboy magazine he’ll never portray “that f–king guy” President Donald Trump.

“Just to get inside his head?” interviewer Eric Spitznagel prodded. “You talked about being fascinated with bad men who are suffering.”

But Shannon said Trump wasn’t suffering. “He’s having a blast!” Shannon said. “Are you f–king kidding me? That guy is having so much fun. He’s having the time of his f–king life. He doesn’t even have to work. All the hard work that most people have to do to get to be president of the United States, he just skipped all that. The f–king guy doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He doesn’t have any grasp of history or politics or law or anything. He’s just blindfolded, throwing darts at the side of a bus.”

Shannon said Trump wasn’t capable of deep reflection in any form. Asked what he thinks Trump contemplates at 4 o’clock in the morning, Shannon is similarly blunt. “He’s probably thinking, I want some f–king p–sy. I don’t know. I’m not going to remotely contemplate the notion that Trump is capable of deep reflection. In any form! “It doesn’t happen. F–k that guy. When he’s alone with his thoughts, he’s not capable of anything more complex than ‘I want some p–sy and a cheeseburger. Maybe my wife will blow me if I tell her she’s pretty.’”

After joking that he would play National Security Adviser John Bolton in a Trump movie because of his mustache, Shannon said he hoped no such film was ever made ― not even one critical of the administration. “My preference would be that it just fade into nonexistence,” Shannon said. “I wouldn’t want to memorialize it or celebrate it in any way.”

Shannon was similarly dismissive when asked about Trump voters. “Somebody who thinks Trump is doing a good job, there’s no conversation to have with that person,” he said. “I know they say you should reach across the aisle and all that crap, but to me it feels like putting your hand in a fan.”

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Michael Shannon is American hero. I love him so much, you guys. And where are the lies? He’s absolutely right about everything: Trump isn’t a complicated guy. He’s not “suffering” in any traditional sense. Yes, his tweets are getting sweatier and crazier by the minute, but let’s also be clear: he still doesn’t give a sh-t. He’s still a traitor to America. He still got up and sided with Putin in front of the world. Trump is not capable of reflection and there is no angst or ennui there. I also agree with Shannon about not even speaking to Trump supporters – bless him. I love him so much.

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