Is it unfair to criticize Karlie Kloss for speaking out about children in cages?

Karlie Kloss conversation WeWork

Karlie Kloss has been dating Joshua Kushner for years now. The Kushner family used to be closely associated with Democratic Party politics in New Jersey and New York, but then Jared Kushner married Ivanka and suddenly Donald Trump thought Jared could solve every single problem in the world. Jared and Ivanka mostly just haunt the West Wing. Still, they’re “powerful” in the sense that they’re two of the few people who can actually get through to that fat Nazi. Anyway, this is about Karlie and how she’s dating Joshua Kushner, Jared’s brother. Some have said that the rest of the Kushner family is embarrassed by Jared’s place in this administration, but I consistently get the vibe that Jared and Joshua are still pretty close. So what do you make of Karlie posting this message?

For one, Karlie is not a very political person. She doesn’t chime in on many issues of the day, although she did attend a Women’s March or two. Secondly, she’s acting like she’s merely an outsider looking in on this administration, like her boyfriend’s brother isn’t Senior Adviser to the President, or whatever Jared’s gaudy catch-all title is. So is it fair or unfair to criticize Karlie for posting this? Most of her followers praised her for taking a stand – a pretty easy stand to take, to be honest, if we really have to “take a stand” against putting babies in cages.

So, here are some sample comments from this tweet:
Tell your bestie Ivanka!!!
You keep saying what you are saying. It doesn’t matter who your boyfriend is. Stand up for what is right for this country.
Isn’t your boyfriend’s brother Jared Kushner? Why don’t you pick up your phone and call Jared.
Call your brother inlaw
You pick your phone! You’re closer to ending this nightmare than most of us #calljared #callivanka

Again, I’ll ask: are these comments fair or unfair? Eh.

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Karlie Kloss conversation WeWork
2018 CFDA Fashion Awards
CFDA Fashion Awards 2018 in New York

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