Im out to create jobs for people

‘I’m out to create jobs for people’

Adeniyi Adewoyin


IN a bid to expand its chain of hotels and provide suitable home away from home comfort, Dover Hotels, last Saturday added another hotel called Dover Exclusive at Aromire Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

With an imposing structure, grandly decorated interior, the new Dover is not undeserving of five-star rating.

Dover already stands out as one of the best in the country, a popular destination for lodgers and seekers of leisure in Lagos and beyond.

But if elegance is the apt word for the hotel, simplicity is much more appropriate for its owner, Jackson Agbai Abbah.

It is possible to walk past him and taking him to be one of the numerous employees at the hotel.

A trained lawyer, former banker, real estate investor, now big in hospitality, Agbai said life is about doing what appeals to you and what gives you satisfaction.

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Agbai said: Yes, I run a hospitality business. In life, you do what appeals to you. The dynamism of life is such that you change your ideas about life.

Part of my reason is that I felt that the easiest way I can impact on society is to create jobs for people and to ensure that I bring food to the tables of as many people as I can. I feel that the hospitality industry provides me a better opportunity to do that.

Sitting in the newly built Dover reception hall, it is hard to reconcile the structure with its owner. But its even more difficult to reconcile his past with his present. Agbai is a man who has seen life in its many forms.

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