Which One Of These Is The Best Ever Shaku Shaku Song?

Which One Of These Is The Best Ever Shaku Shaku Song?

While we know the Shaku Shaku wave is gradually fading away and it’s on the brink of extinction, the way Boys on the street and at the club change the gear whenever any Shaku Shaku song is being played tells you this sound is here to stay.

At least even if it wont stay forever, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

There were several shaku Shaku oriented songs that were released last year but as the popular saying goes; Many were called, few were chosen.

However, from the following list of Shaku Shaku songs:-

1. Slimcase: Oshozondi

One of those early Shaku Shaku songs to successfully cross over from the street to the mainstream urban music the elites would later vibe to.

Featuring Slimcase and Masta T, the sound direction was similar to the other Shaku Shaku songs that would follow.

Nonetheless, we cannot take away the fact that Oshozondi paved a way for the other Shaku Shaku songs to also follow the same path.

2. Idowest: Shepeteri

Following in the same vein as Oshozondi, Idowest realising Oshozondi had blown due to the creative influence of Slimcase, he recruited Otunba Lamba for this one and the shaku Shaku craze on this one is even more mad.

Slimcase brought his craze on Shepeteri and the climax was awesome on the song and with Idowest street rapping skills, the song also blew out successfully but is it the best Shaku Shaku song?

3.Mr Real: Legbegbe

Well, we later had Mr Real joining the Shaku Shaku bandwagon with Legbegbe. For producer Mr Real, also known as Real Self, it all started from a blog post.

The young producer from Lagos, Nigeria, saw the news on his mobile phone. In that day he read about a man who attempted to steal a dozen iPhones, from a shop in computer village.

That news became the inspiration for a single titled ‘Legbegbe’, which features street-hop acts, Obadice, Idowest, and Kelvin Chuks.

But can Legbegbe rival Oshozondi and Shepeteri as the best ever Shaku Shaku song?

4. Reminisce: Problem

It didn’t take long before the mainstream guys began to jump on the Shaku Shaku wave. And Alaga Ibile wasn’t left out on this one.

Titled Problem, the background beat was probably the most complete Shaku Shaku beat you’ll probably hear and with Alaga Ibile coming through with the vocals, Problem grew on us and became a street banger it was designed to be.

5. Olamide: Science Student

Apart from the controversies surrounding the song and the NBC ban on it also, Olamide’s Science Student was actually a classic!

A wonder beat by two masterminds, Young Jonn and Bbanks and with the Kosewe Kosegbo chorus that stuck with the kids on the street, it grew on us as a street anthem and furthermore as a memory verse.

So 👇

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